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Article summaries in cultural studies

Here you will find an ever growing list of article summaries in cultural studies and other affiliated fields such as sociology, anthropology and media studies. Summaries here try to give a shortened version of the article in a manner that preserves main ideas and the structure of the article in a short and accessible text. Summaries of long articles are often divided into different part for the sake of convenience and links here take you to the first part of such article summaries. Article summaries here are additionally interconnected where relevant in order to allow for contextual learning. 

Additional article summaries will be added in the future.
If you have an article summary or review in cultural studies or any other related field that you would like to share with other people feel free to contact us


  1. myth today is really supporting to gain and build new idea nad concept in cultural studies

  2. Dear Blog creator, thank you for this wonderful selection of writings on culture. I have just stumbled on to your blog, and shall come back to it again, soon. Narendra

  3. So helpful! I'll be back!

  4. Thank you so very much for this collection of articles! I have bookmarked this and will read all of them soon

  5. This will help me massively, to understand an overview of Marx before reading more in depth texts for my BA in Philosophy. Many thanks.


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